Since 2005 Cyctek Inc. has been providing licensing and certification services in the areas of Natural Health Product (NHP) site and product licensing under Health Canada, Medical Device (ISO13485) licensing, Food Safety Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP).

In Canada, Health Canada is responsible for the regulatory activities of drugs, health products and food supply. It further divides its responsibilities into Drugs and health products and Food and nutrition based on Canadian regulations. Drugs, Natural Health products (all herbal products, vitamins and alternative medicine) and medical devices require site and product licensing before a product can be sold in Canada. Food items are regulated by CFIA and commercial products must be managed by a Safe Food for Canadians licensed company to ensure product safety and proper labelling. Food products do not require a license to sell in Canada.

Cyctek Inc. has been helping businesses in Canada and foreign businesses navigate the regulatory environment in GMP compliance, Safe Food for Canadian licensing, ISO 13485 establishment licensing for medical devices, HACCP or Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification and CanadaGAP licensing. For more information click on the specific area to find out more.