Our regulatory consulting services is focused in Natural Health Products licensing and compliance. Cyctek Inc. team member was council member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advisory Council under the NNHPD, Health Canada. We provide expert advise to shape the herbal medicine industry, specifically in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Together, we shaped the Natural Health Product regulatory system to become one of the most advance and progressive in the world, surpassing Australia in the regulating of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Products approved for sales in Canada supports the therapeutic effects of traditional medicines. Canadian now has access to more natural ingredients, products and medicines than any other country in the western world.

We are ready to supplement you with the knowledge, experience and skills in navigating the NHP regulation. We can help to register your product, made changes to the formulation to meet industry and Canadian requirements, find production partners to manufacture the product in Canada and implement enhancements. We recognized that NHP product management is an iterative process from our experience of developing product lines for customers.

Any one that plans to import NHPs or medical devices will need to know Canadian requirements, we can help to turn a successful product in other part of the world into a successful one in Canada.

Example of product line Y2X