Our technical team understands quality systems across a number of industries, from pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and technologies in food manufacturing Quality Management Systems. We also understand that each manufacturer has their unique process and procedures due to their geographical, cultural, experiences and operational differences. Our consulting team provides in-depth analysis of businesses, establishes customized processes and procedures, establishes and trains the safety and quality team and guides the business to reach safety and quality certification.

The Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) food safety and quality initiatives from CFIA is one very good example. In January 2019, all interprovincial and international food manufacturers and importers must develop their own Preventive Control Plan (PCP) to obtain operating SFC licenses to maintain their operational requirements. At that time many small and medium-sized companies are not aware of the extensive requirements of the SFC PCP. They also lack the skills to develop a HACCP plan and the 2020 requirement of product traceability. Cyctek has developed a program that helps small and medium-sized business to develop their own PCP, HACCP plans and eventually lead to GFSI certification. With GFSI certification, some were able to sell directly to Costco, expanding their businesses significantly. Quality Systems and food safety in food have been experiencing rapid growth and expansion. With the globalization of food, people have increased their knowledge of food and demand to have safe and nutritious food in the supply chain, from Farms to restaurants and to their own homes.  Large restaurant chains like McDonald’s etc. have already applied the HACCP practice in their operations. Government regulation is moving in the direction that HACCP compliance could be a differentiator or requirement for any restaurant in the near future. All restaurant chains and owners need to know more about what changes they will need to adjust to and how they can take advantage of HACCP certification.